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Owen Lawton Solicitors was founded in 1996 in Plymouth city centre and have since established themselves as a firm specialising in criminal and family law...

Criminal Law

We can assist you at every stage of the process from the police station to court proceedings and appeals.


If the police wish to question you in relation to an alleged criminal offence it is vital that you have the best possible advice from the outset. All people who are to be questioned by the police have the right to free and independent legal advice. It costs you nothing and may end up saving you much!


If you face proceedings these will commence in the Magistrates Court. We can ensure that you are represented either through legal aid or by agreeing an hourly rate for our services or arranging a fixed fee for the case.


For legal aid there is a test for whether or not the legal merits of the case justify the grant of legal aid but there is also a means test which will determine whether or not you get legal aid and in certain cases whether you have to pay a contribution. It is important that you provide us with evidence in relation to your financial position by way of payslips (if you are working) and bank statements. If you are under 18 years of age you will qualify regardless of your financial position.


We can advise you about the strength of the evidence and the appropriate plea to an allegation. If there is a guilty plea or you are found guilty after a trial we can help put forward mitigating factors to assist the court with finding the best way to deal with the offence.


If you plead not guilty we can assist with gathering evidence and with putting your defence forward at a trial.


This firm has experience of handling all types of criminal defence case and have also previously prosecuted cases on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions and the Post Office.